Blister Packaging

Our innovative blister packaging lines have the ability to pack a vast range of dosage forms, ensuring your products are protected against moisture, light, and gas. All blister packaging is done within a temperature and humidity-controlled class 100,000 cleanroom We are equipped to produce over 1 million blister cards per month and offer a large variety of formats and possess inline aluminum printing capabilities to meet your specifications.

  • Packaged within a self-contained humidity & temperature controlled class 100,000 clean room

  • Thermo-Form blister packs (PVC, PVC/PVDC, PVC/PE/PVDC, Aclar)
  • Heat-sealed blister packs
  • Cold-Form blisters (ALU/ALU)
  • Inline thermal transfer aluminum printing
  • Water tank blister package leak testing
  • Capable of producing 1 million blister cards per month